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Letter to the Editor: Get involved to save the ACA!

Letter to the Editor: Get involved to save the ACA!


For a healthier and a more just Pennsylvania, get involved in the effort to save the ACA! Here’s an excerpt from an important Letter to the Editor by Consumer Health Coalition advocate Sue Etters that ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

In years past, I joined with advocates in the effort to win Medicaid expansion for Pennsylvania. We were successful in getting this much-needed program, which provides health care coverage to hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians who otherwise would be without health care coverage.

Another way in which we were successful was the fact that a majority of people on this advocacy effort of the Consumer Health Coalition were individuals who already had health care coverage, yet advocated from a sense of justice and care for neighbors. It’s that spirit that builds a community, a commonwealth, a country.

Now, it is time for advocates to again take up the charge and defend this most vital program, which serves millions of Pennsylvania’s children, adults and people with disabilities. One of the most successful aspects of the Affordable Care Act was the provision of states to expand Medicaid. The proposed plan to block-grant fund Medicaid would basically eliminate the successful and lifesaving Medicaid program as we know it.”

Become an advocate by joining in with Consumer Health Coalition’s advocacy efforts by calling 412-456-1877, Ext. 203.

Read the entire Letter to the Editor on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette website: