#SpeakOut4Health: Nathan’s Pre-existing Condition



When Nathan Daube learned he had a genetic condition that required a liver transplant, health care became a priority to him.

Without health insurance, it would simply cost too much to get the treatment and follow-up care that Nathan needed after his liver transplant and to manage his diabetes.

“It’s not an option,” said Nathan. “I’d end up losing the house.”

In the past, health insurance plans often denied sick people from getting health coverage. “Before Obamacare, they could say ‘No, you had a liver transplant. Sorry,” Nathan said.

52 million adults have medical conditions that could leave them uninsurable if they were to apply for pre-Affordable Care Act health insurance according to a recent study from Kaiser Family Foundation.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance companies must provide health coverage to anyone without asking any questions about people’s medical conditions. That’s why Nathan now has a Marketplace plan that covers all of his health care regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Nathan receives subsidies called tax credits through the ACA that make his monthly health insurance payments affordable with a fixed income, and he can manage his medical conditions to ensure he stays healthy.

“If you have health care, your health is usually better,” Nathan says.


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