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#SpeakOut4Health: Lezlie’s Medical Expenses

#SpeakOut4Health: Lezlie’s Medical Expenses

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In November, Lezlie Sarver (pictured above) and over 16,000 retired miners and their dependents were set to lose their health coverage through the United Mine Workers of America (U.M.W.A) at the end of the year.

Lezlie was covered under the U.M.W.A. health insurance, and she was faced with the possibility of losing her health coverage. She needed a quality health plan because of expensive needs for her autoimmune disease.

“This is important to me. I need coverage,” says Lezlie. “It means I can try to stay as healthy as possible.”

Consumer Health Coalition Navigators met with Lezlie and more than 325 people who were set to lose their U.M.W.A. coverage in Indiana, Uniontown, and Edensburg, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, these folks had other coverage options available to them. Consumer Health Coalition’s Navigators gave one-on-one enrollment counseling to many of them.

Congress recently passed a stopgap bill that allows the coal miners to keep their U.M.W.A. health coverage for four months. This is great news for Lezlie and the thousands of others who will temporarily keep their coverage.

It is a relief to many people who lose health coverage that the Affordable Care Act makes health coverage options available to them. At Consumer Health Coalition, we make sure people know how to access the health care they need.

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