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#SpeakOut4Health: Ali’s Start-up Story

#SpeakOut4Health: Ali’s Start-up Story

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Mary Shapiro rallied together with Consumer Health Coalition on a cold day outside Senator Pat Toomey’s office to tell her daughter Ali’s story last week.

Mary’s daughter Ali was diagnosed with the cancer Hodgkin lymphoma when she was 13 years old. Today Ali is 38 years old and a successful business owner.

“Without the Affordable Care Act, Ali would not be able to find health insurance she can afford,” Mary said.

Due to Ali’s pre-existing condition, health coverage was an important consideration when she decided to branch out and start her own business. The Affordable Care Act protected her.

“It helped Ali afford the lean years of a start-up, and she would not be able to be the successful businesswoman she is today without the Affordable Care Act,” Mary said.

“Ali understands there are frustrations with the Affordable Care Act, but it would be best for all Americans if Congress viewed it as one of America’s greatest start-ups,” said Mary. “All entrepreneurs know that the first version of your offering isn’t perfect. There’s an expectation you’ll evolve your offerings by learning from the market how to improve, not just kill a business idea out of the gate when it has had considerable effectiveness.”

Mary delivered Ali’s story to Senator Toomey to ask him to represent her needs and make sure we do not lose the necessary protections of the ACA.

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