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4 Essential Things to Know About the ACA Now

4 Essential Things to Know About the ACA Now

1. What is happening with attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act?

Last week, the Senate and House of Representatives both passed procedural measures which will set the stage for a vote to repeal the ACA. Despite opposing the ACA since it was passed seven years ago, Republicans still have no plan for replacement. They also can’t decide on a timeline for repealing and replacing.

Future votes on the ACA will involve actual changes to the law itself. Republicans need a simple majority to defund the ACA through a budget reconciliation process. This is why our voices are essential right now!


2. What’s at stake in Pennsylvania if the Affordable Care Act is repealed?

1.1 million Pennsylvanians could lose health coverage
321,000 Pennsylvanians would lose Marketplace subsidies to lower insurance costs
603,000 people (mostly who are working) would lose Medicaid Expansion coverage
134% increased uninsured rate in Pennsylvania
$36 billion lost in federal funds for Medicaid programs.A full repeal of the ACA is expected to leave 32 million people uninsured nationwide, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and it would cost $350 billion, according to the nonpartisan, nonprofit Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

3. What can you do right now to help save the ACA?

Use our acronym: C.O.V.E.R.  M.E.

Call your elected officials now as they prepare for upcoming votes.
Find who they are and how to call here.
Organize 5 people to join you. Schedule a time to make calls together.
Voice: lift yours now and constantly. It is the most powerful tool you have.
Enroll now. The final deadline for Open Enrollment is January 31.
Real people & real stories. Share yours with friends, legislators, and with us.
Messaging. Use #SpeakOut4Health and #ProtectOurHealth. Write a letter to the editor.
Educate yourself. Stay informed and current with reliable news outlets.


4. Can people still get Affordable Care Act health insurance?

Yes! A record 11.5 million people have already signed up for Marketplace health insurance. Open Enrollment is right now, and the final deadline to sign up for coverage is Tuesday, January 31. CHC has appointments available every week, Monday through Saturday. Contact us to receive enrollment assistance.