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#SpeakOut4Health: Theresa Relied on Coverage to Heal

#SpeakOut4Health: Theresa Relied on Coverage to Heal

#SpeakOut4Health - Theresa Jenks

Theresa Jenks was working as an assistant teacher and at a nonprofit employment center when she stubbed her toe. Due to complications with diabetes, this led to a serious infection.

Part of her foot had to be amputated. This meant staying in the hospital for eight days, staying in a nursing facility for a month, and receiving in-home medical care for another month, then another month of follow-up treatments.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Theresa had health coverage that covered all of these services. She was able to heal without incurring large medical bills.

“I wouldn’t be here without health care,” Theresa said.

You can read more of Theresa’s story and some of the other people we’ve helped in this story from Trib Live.

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