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Sign our Valentine for Senator Toomey!

Sign our Valentine for Senator Toomey!

Health Care Valentine to Toomey

We need you to sign our Valentine!

Sally Jo Snyder, our Director of Advocacy, called forth her inner-poet and drafted a rhyming couplet Valentine for Senator Toomey.

We need you to get your colleagues, friends, family, everyone who cares about health care and is impacted by these policy decisions, to go to this link and sign our Valentine to Senator Toomey:

We plan to deliver these signed Valentines to Senator Toomey on Valentine’s Day this Tuesday, 14 February —- If you want to be part of the Valentine’s Day delivery, please contact Sally Jo at or 412.456.1877 x 203.

Here’s our poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Do you know the ACA has been
good for you too?
1 million Pennsylvanians with coverage is grand!
A 34% decline in the un-insured –
Wow! What a plan!
Closing the donut-hole sure was sweet!
Insuring folks with pre-existing conditions,
Just can’t be beat!
The facts are evident and so very clear
So, listen to me, my representative dear;
Please stop this talk of repair or repeal
Unless you come up with a much better deal!