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Medicaid Advocacy: Contact Your State Rep

Medicaid Advocacy: Contact Your State Rep

The Why. The How. The Now.

Advocate as if your life depended on it…because it does.

The recent Pennsylvania House GOP Budget proposal included a $200 million cut to Medical Assistance. This is an unattainable and unreasonable proposal based on our commitment to provide health care for people with low incomes and long term care for seniors.

On the federal level, efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act have so far failed without a bill even coming up for a vote. There is still a risk of changing Medicaid to a block grant program, which would cut the amount of money available for people who currently receive Medicaid in Pennsylvania. This would put pressure on the states for these services.

We’re encouraging everyone to contact their state representative and state senator and tell them to protect Medicaid. Find out who your state legislators are if you’re not sure.

What We Need You to Do:

• Contact and arrange a meeting with your State Representative

• Find pointers on How to Do an Effective Legislative Visit or contact Sally Jo (412.456.1877 x 203)

• Take Five! Inform five people about the need to protect Medicaid and encourage them to take action.