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We’re Recruiting Storytellers for our Human Library

We’re Recruiting Storytellers for our Human Library

Our Human Library is looking for participants to tell their story!

The Human Library, set to launch storytelling in May, is an initiative for social change based on the transformative power of conversation and the power of a person’s story. We need you to tell your story.

We are seeking people willing to tell their stories who have in some way been marginalized, stereotyped or discriminated against, including for their race, class, creed, dis/ability, immigration status, profession, gender identity, political beliefs. To give you an idea, participants include: someone who was formerly incarcerated, someone who has been blind since birth, an immigrant from Nicaragua, and a veteran advocating for peace.

Contact Kali to be a storyteller for the the Human Library.

Will you share your story? 

You have a story worth telling!

We provide a training on how to tell your story with impact. We offer a modest incentive. We are intentional about providing a safe(r) space for your story to be shared, heard, honored and responded to.

Our Human Library aims to increase awareness and decrease stigma.

The project facilitates engagements between community members who are stereotyped and discriminated against with individuals and agencies who are ready to listen and engage thoughtfully. Through this dynamic platform of sharing experiences and dialogue, we will increase awareness and decrease stigma.

Help us call out prejudice and discrimination that harms our community and call up the likenesses we share as complex humans with rich histories to share. Get in touch with Kali, our Human Library Organizer.