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Tr-County Photo Voice Exhibit

Tr-County Photo Voice Exhibit
Photo Voice Event

“When I photograph what I’m really doing is seeking answers to things.” –Wynn Bullock

On Tuesday, March 21, Consumer Health Coalition held a Tri-County Photo Voice Exhibit that brought together images and photographers from photo voice projects we’ve held in three different counties. It took place at the Carnegie Library in East Liberty.

Since our first photo voice project, Living Together is an Art in (Allegheny County, 2009), we’ve launched two other photo voice projects: What I Need to Live Well (Westmoreland County, 2012) and We Belong (Washington County, 2015). Each project featured a different experience of living well and together in the communities we each build and bear. Participants were people living with physical, behavioral, developmental, and cross disabilities

At the Tri-County Photo Voice Exhibit, participants in the three photo voice projects shared “the why” behind their photos. The event drew a great crowd who expressed appreciation for the impact of the images, stories, and lessons of inclusion and wellness.

The event also marked the first annual “Bending the Arc” Award. We created this award to recognize a community member and a legislative member whose words, actions and policies improve the resources, room, and respect for members of the disabilities community. The 2017 awardees were Kristy Trautmann of FISA Foundation and Representative Brandon Neuman of Washington County.

Images from the photo voice projects are framed and available for display and presentations. If interested, contact Sally Jo (412.456.1877 x 203).