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The Senate ACA repeal bill in short: Pay more, get less.

The Senate ACA repeal bill in short: Pay more, get less.

A team of 13 GOP men in the Senate today released the text of an ACA repeal bill that they have been secretly writing behind closed doors. The bill would drastically slash consumer benefits under the ACA, including ending Medicaid Expansion.

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey was part of the committee who wrote this Senate bill. As his constituents, we must hold him responsible for how it would affect us.

Here are some key takeaways. The AHCA bill:

• Raises premiums and deductibles by letting health insurance companies pay for less of your care.

• Ends Medicaid Expansion, which covers over 700,000 Pennsylvanians.

• Cuts $800 billion from Medicaid, which covers 20% of all Americans.

• Cuts eligibility for ACA tax credits, meaning middle-income families will lose financial assistance that helps them afford coverage.

• Bans Medicaid enrollees from getting care at Planned Parenthood, leaving millions of women without access to reproductive care.

• Allows states to repeal pre-existing condition protections, automatically repealing the ban on lifetime limits for all insurance, even employer coverage.

Republicans want to fast-track the bill for a vote before July 4. Since Republicans currently have a majority in the Senate, they only need 50 votes to pass. No Democrats are expected to vote for the bill. If three Republicans vote No, the bill will fail.

Here’s what you can do right now:

Health Insurance Stock (1)• Contact your legislators! Pennsylvania Senators Toomey and Casey needs to hear what voters in Pennsylvania think about it. Call 1-866-426-2631 to be connected to their offices.

• Share your story! Tell others how Medicaid and the ACA have helped your family. Putting a personal face on the ACA repeal helps others see how national legislation impacts their community. Use the hashtags #SpeakOut4Health, #ProtectOurCare, or #MeetMedicaidPA to draw attention.

• Write a letter to the editor! Build community support for Medicaid and the ACA by sharing your experience. All legislators read the newspaper. Visit our advocacy page for tips.

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Cassie Narkevic is a Health Care Navigator at Consumer Health Coalition.