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Health Care Justice: Battle On!

Health Care Justice: Battle On!

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What We Know:

The AHCA would gut Medicaid, do away with Medicaid Expansion (700,000 Pennsylvanians covered) and leave 22 Million persons without health care coverage.  And why? So the wealthiest would receive a tax cut.

What We’ve Done: 

• Sent signed Valentines to Senator Toomey. • Sent over 1400 signed postcards to Senator Toomey! • Called his office numerous times and have his answering machine as our new “phone-a-friend!” • Spoken at rallies and sat vigil! • Written and had Letters to the Editor published!

Now What Can We Do?

We must not tire nor quit. This legislation is fluid and changes occur quickly.

• Check the Advocacy Stat! section of our website. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

• Keep calling and writing Senator Toomey. Remember to thank Senator Casey. Find phone numbers to all of their offices.

Donate to our fight for health care!

• Write a Letter To the Editor. Need pointers? Visit our Letter to the Editor page or contact Sally Jo.

• Show up!  Be Present!

• Talk about the issue at your office, picnics, Kennywood, Pirates games, worship, swimming pools, bars, family reunions, EVERYWHERE and to EVERYONE!

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Sally Jo Snyder is the Director of Advocacy & Consumer Engagement at Consumer Health Coalition.