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Advocacy: Lead in the Water

Advocacy: Lead in the Water

A group of our Health Committee for People with Disabilities (HCPD) advocates offered public testimony at the July 5 Allegheny County Council Meeting regarding mandatory blood testing of children for lead levels in their blood. Our testimony helped to pass that initiative!

At a RWJF “Vanguard Roundtable” of community members, Sally Jo recruited a dozen HCPD advocates who participated and a major topic of discussion was concern over lead in the water.  At the July HCPD (Health Committee for Persons with Disabilities) Meeting we discussed this further and determined this is an issue needing our attention and advocacy.


If concerned and wanting to engage in education and advocacy on this vital matter, please contact Sally Jo (412.456.1877 x 203)

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Sally Jo Snyder is the Director of Advocacy and Consumer Engagement at Consumer Health Coalition.