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Advocacy: ACA and Medicaid

Advocacy: ACA and Medicaid

The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

As the ACA and health care as we have known it and experienced it was threatened….

We rallied, railed against and wrote…..

We rolled on, stood up and spoke out….

We advocated, commiserated and PERSISTED….

We did it!!!!

To each of you allow me to quote Shakespeare….”Thanks…thanks…. and evermore thanks!” (ok, so not his best stuff….yet you get the idea….)

Thanks for your fierceness and your fire and the depth of your fight!

As we are battle tested now let us rest….briefly….and stay on the ready!



Action Needed:  Contact your state representative (not sure who that is? Visit and tell them to VOTE NO on HB 59.

HB 59 would:

• Be a bureaucratic beast that would place work requirements for non-disabled, non-elderly, non-pregnant adults yet, also NOT exempting persons with serious medical conditions or in treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction or persons who are homeless.

• Fast-track cuts to “non-essential” benefits such as dental, vision, counseling services, etc.

• Create a very scary “slippery slope” to make more cuts in the future.

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Sally Jo Snyder is the Director of Advocacy and Consumer Engagement at Consumer Health Coalition.