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ACA Enrollment Ends Dec. 15 – Numbers Are In

ACA Enrollment Ends Dec. 15 – Numbers Are In



Enrollment in the ACA Marketplace has continued to outpace 2016. Nationwide, over 3.6 million consumers selected a health plan in the first four weeks of Open Enrollment. During the same period last year, a little over 2.1 million consumers enrolled.

For Pennsylvania, the numbers are slightly higher for 2017. This year, 161,388 consumers finalized their plan selection in the first four weeks. During the same period last year, 102,110 consumers had enrolled.

The deadline to select a plan for 2018 was December 15. Consumers who did not take action to select a new plan or end their coverage will be automatically enrolled into either the same plan or a similarly-priced plan for 2018. Since auto-enrollment generally doesn’t take place until December 16 or 17, the final enrollment counts are still being calculated. As for Pennsylvania, a total of 396, 725 individuals were enrolled in health care insurance.

At Consumer Health Coalition, our Navigator team has been booked solid with enrollment appointments, and most of those consumers have been new to the Marketplace. During the first four weeks of Open Enrollment, 55% of CHC’s enrollments were new.

The 2017 Open Enrollment season was a success and a source of support for our community. Our health navigators will continue to be here to support any health enrollment needs



Author: Cassie Narkevic, Health Navigator