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Advocacy and Action: Tax Cut Bill & CHIP

Advocacy and Action: Tax Cut Bill & CHIP


As the Tax Cut (for whom exactly????) Bill moves on, let’s make sure we are informed about the long-term playbook on this:

  1. Tax cuts will be made without a sustainable, reasonable and balanced way to pay for this.
  2. Cuts will vastly increase the deficit.
  3. Response will be eventual voiced concern over the gargantuan size of the deficit at which point the proposed way to deal with said huge deficit is by cutting key social service programs.

ACTION:  Call your elected officials (202) 224-3121 and follow the prompts to be connected to your Senator and Representative.

MESSAGE: Vote NO on this Tax Reform Plan. It puts health care at risk for millions.

Call and call and then call some more….stay on this!  After you’ve called….TAKE FIVE….meaning ask at least five other persons to also make calls.

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The on-going delay to re-authorize funding for CHIP is putting major stress on states and families. States are scrambling to find a solution to determine how they can keep CHIP programs running as funds begin to dwindle and families, understandably, are worried about keeping coverage for their children.

The House passed a bill that would continue to funding CHIP, yet, did so by reducing coverage such as shortening the grace period for consumers who are late paying their private health insurance premiums and slashing funding for public health services.

ACTION: Call your Senators (202) 224-3121

MESSAGE: Ask them to pass a 5-Year CHIP funding bill as soon as  possible and DON’T pay for CHIP by cutting coverage or increasing the numbers of persons how are uninsured.  Call and call and keep calling and get at least FIVE other persons to also make calls.


Author: Sally Jo Snyder, Director of Advocacy