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Consumer Stories: #GetCovered Thanks to ACA

Consumer Stories: #GetCovered Thanks to ACA


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For immigrants from countries with national health programs, understanding how to access health insurance in the United States can be difficult. Eligibility rules can be confusing and leave consumers unsure where to go for help. That was the case for Elena, who needed to find a health plan for her senior citizen parents. Elena’s mother expects to need surgery this year, so finding an affordable health plan was vital. Luckily, a friend referred her to CHC.


Elena met with one of our certified navigators to discuss options. Although her parents are permanent residents with green cards, they were not eligible for the state Medicaid program. Once a person turns 65, their eligibility for Medicaid changes even if they have a low income. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, seniors who are ineligible for Medicare have options.

Our navigator assisted them with enrolling through the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace. Due to their low income, they were eligible for two types of financial assistance: a monthly tax credit to lower the cost of their premium, and cost-sharing reductions to lower their deductible and co-payments. Elena’s parents were able to get a plan for less than $4 per month, with a deductible of only $100. Thanks to the ACA, now they can get the care they need.

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