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How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Guess which is the most read section of the local paper? Yep, the Editorial Page.  Letters to the editors work and have a big impact.  Here’s some “tried and true” tips to write a letter and…..get it published!

Here’s a great resource on the ins and outs of writing a Letter to the Editor from Community Tool Box.

Some Tips:

About what? — Make your point quickly.

Accurate Information — Make sure facts are correct and current.

Awareness — What do you want readers to know?

Action — What do you want readers to do?

Always Follow-up —-

  • The day after you send your letter, call the paper to make sure they received the letter.
  • If your letter does not run in the paper in ten days, call the paper to check on the status of the letter.

For the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

You must include your name, address, and phone number

Letters must be 250 words or less.

E-mail letter to: or you can mail to:

Letters to the Editor


34 Boulevard of the Allies

Pittsburgh, PA  15222

Follow-up and check on the status of your letter by calling Alice at (412) 263-1149.


How to Do a Legislative Visit

Our elected officials represent us.  One of the most effective advocacy actions we can do is a local, legislative visit.

For tips and guidance on HOW TO DO A SUCCESSFUL LEGISLATIVE VISIT please click on the following link:


For more information on HOW TO DO A SUCCESSFUL LEGISLATIVE VISIT please view the following Power Point.

To schedule a training for your group or organization call Sally Jo (412) 456-1877 x 203


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