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Healthy Together

Healthy Together aims to ensure that 100% of children in Pittsburgh have health coverage, focusing on the estimated 2,000 uninsured children who are most difficult to reach.

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Healthy Together is part of national initiative for cities to expand health access to children and families. It was started in 2014 when the National League of Cities (NLC) awarded Pittsburgh a $200,000 grant today for a program to enroll all eligible city children and youth in affordable health care plans.

Healthy Together is a partnership between the City of Pittsburgh, Allies for Children, the Allegheny County Health Department, and other organizations, to find uninsured children and youth in Pittsburgh who likely qualify for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and enroll them in coverage.

Healthy Together works through outreach to uninsured children and youth who qualify for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). They are assisted by CHC Navigators who can enroll them in affordable health coverage.  We also aim to create a safety net that makes it easier for families and children to access health coverage by encouraging systematic change in city government and institutions that already serve youth.

Healthy Together strives to increase access to care and empower community members to take control of their health.


Families with health insurance reduce emergency room visits, avoid crushing health care costs, and have healthier children who perform better in school.

To drum up awareness, Healthy Together introduced creative initiatives to reach uninsured families. We held fun March Pittsburgh events where marching bands paraded through communities with information about getting kids covered. We attended kindergarten kick-offs, roving art carts, community events, and played a video before movies in the park. City Council declared November 19 “Healthy Together Day.”

We introduced eBot, our robot health insurance enrollment mascot, who is available to attend community events to educate the public about having health coverage.

The Healthy Together campaign created the website to quickly connect people with the Health Care Navigators at Consumer Health Coalition. People can also dial 2-1-1 to get connected with health insurance assistance.