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A Lesson On How to Build a Campaign

April 27, 2016   Comments Off on A Lesson On How to Build a Campaign

Advocacy Training 4

On April 26, Sally Jo, our Director of Advocacy and Consumer Engagement, led a training on how to build a campaign. Advocacy is grand, so it’s important that we learn how to do it well.

For more information about learning how to build an advocacy campaign, contact

CHC’s 2016 Advocacy Training Series

February 23, 2016   Comments Off on CHC’s 2016 Advocacy Training Series

Join us!

We are meeting on the fourth Tuesdays of each month from Feb. 23 – May 24 to cover the ins and outs of advocacy. All are invited, including providers.

Location update: We are meeting at Arnold’s Tea, which is located across the street from Consumer Health Coalition’s office at 502 E Ohio St. Pittsburgh 15212.

advocacy training 2016


For more information, contact Sally Jo:
(412) 456-1877 x203 or

Advocacy Stat! 2015-2016 PA State Budget

June 17, 2015   Comments Off on Advocacy Stat! 2015-2016 PA State Budget


It’s that “magical time” in our Commonwealth when we get down to debate and make decisions on the 2015-2016 PA State Budget. Alas, it looks like this budget battle is going to go on past June 30, 2015 and into the summer.

In our ongoing efforts for rights, resources, and room, CHC’s Health Committee for People with Disabilities (HCPD) is leading advocacy efforts around the state budget, including legislative visits. The PA Budget and Policy Center has put together great resources for each elected official, and we will be distributing those materials.

For more information and to join us in advocacy, all are invited to participate in a legislative visit training — “You Had Me At Hello” — which will be led by Sally Jo on Thursday, June 25 from 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm at the CHC Offices, 415 East Ohio Street, Suite 300. 

To register and for more information please contact Sally Jo at


Coverage defended!

November 23, 2011   Comments Off on Coverage defended!

Alas, the Super Committee failed.  Now, we wait for the next dance step in this dysfunctional, disagreeable, and disappointing collection of legislators, whom, lest we forget, are there to work for us……sigh……

For the critical programs of Medicaid and Medicare we remain in defense mode and we continue our creativity as evidenced in our “Keep Pennsylvania Covered Advocacy Quilt.”  If only, a “stitch in time” could save Medicaid and Medicare…….

 Advocates gathered and rallied in front of Senator Pat Toomey’s (he of the failed Super Committee) office and displayed the quilt squares from the western part of the Commonwealth.  Our squares will be joined with those from advocates efforts in the eastern part of the state and the full quilt will be given to Senator Toomey.

 Our vision is that when Senator Toomey contemplates and legislates, he will read these messages from his unique advocacy quilt:

 “Don’t hurt the people that need your help the most”

“Cost shift to states will put us in reverse”

“Help put the pieces of the health care system together instead of taking them apart.”

 We will continue to write, visit, call, rally, and be creative in our advocacy.  Our message is spoken most clearly in the lives of those who rely on Medicaid and Medicare.  Persons like Denise, a dual-eligible, who lives with multiple chronic health conditions and who is fierce in her independence and shared, “I worked hard my whole life, raised my three kids, and I need these programs to continue my independence and to live my life fully. I am not ‘those people.’ I have a name, a story, a life and I plan on living it well and building my community so others can too.”

 The advocacy continues……join us. 



October 6, 2011   1 Comment

I was raised in a home were words mattered. There was always a buzz of conversation and opinion sharing. 

We remain a reading clan, and, no shocker, a chatty family who appreciate the quick turn of phrase and the creative retort to a sibling’s teasing. 

Therefore, I celebrate two recent actions that celebrate the power of words:

  • The PA Legislature continues to move toward final passage in replacing the phrase “mental retardation” with the more acceptable “persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” 
  • Janet Minick, a member of our Health Committee for People with Disabilities, exercised her word strength by writing, submitting and having run in the 5 October 2011 of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette an incredible and “spot on” letter-to-the-editor.  Here is the link to read this amazing piece:

I encourage readers of this blog to take similar actions. Words have power and through them we progress and make change.

Write On, my friends! 


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