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Let the Games begin!

August 1, 2011   Comments Off

It’s the first day of  August. Excellent! I’m one who always likes the beginning of new months — it gives me a chance to renew, to start again, to clean the slate, to get back on the field what had been benched for a while.

Yes, the blog is back. I know….at this point we’ve been to “Return of Blog,” and “Son of Blog,” and now could reasonably do “Distant Third Cousin of Blog;” yet, we are again in the blogging business so let us begin.

This is another major sports week here in our fair city and it has nothing to do with the Pirates (may they find anew their winning ways) nor the Steelers.

I am referring to the 31st National Veterans Wheelchair Games that Pittsburgh will host this week.  Over 600 athletes will compete in 17 different sports.

For we who are long-suffering Pirates fans this has been a gift of a summer as our Buccos are winning and being featured on ESPN where the pundits promote the Pirates grit and grind and heart.  Alas, our boys in black and gold are not even close to the fight, fire, and strength that will be celebrated at this week’s Games.  Make it a point and a “must do” and attend some of the athletic events.

Most of the competition takes place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. For a schedule of events visit this link:

Game on!


Dance Team

May 25, 2011   Comments Off

So, how good is Hines Ward and his twinkling toes and sparkling smile?

Along with amazement at his dancing talent, I enjoy even more the images of the audience and those waving Terrible Towels!  I love seeing former and current Steeler players cheering him on, their towels in hand.

What energizes me are the images of the essence of team.  To dance well and to win the competition (if there’s a parade…I’m there), the partners must trust and be in sync with one another.  Secondly, you show up and support your team-mate — on the field, off the field, even on the dance floor….you are there for one another.

I admit, I don’t know a rumba from a rutabaga, yet, I do know what makes for a successful team: mutual support, shared joy in another’s success, trust, being willing to sometimes lead and sometimes follow, and remaining part of what you have journeyed.

We in advocacy work would be wise to learn these lessons. As the budget battle heats up and we labor to lessen the cuts and educate the public, we would be wise to join forces and find common and uncommon allies.

May we move our advocacy campaigns with the rhythm of shared strength and mutual support.


What a day for actors!

April 5, 2011   Comments Off

Today, 5 April is quite a day to be born if one is considering entering the acting profession!  Born this day are Academy Award Winners: Bette Davis, Gregory Peck, and Spencer Tracy!

Because I have been busier then a phone operator in Steelers nation after Hines  Ward dances (how great was he last night?!!?), the blog postings have been sparse…..OK, downright not in sight….sigh……

However, with Spring comes new beginnings…..and a chance to blog, baby, blog!

Back to the point, with all these incredible actors born this day, it prompted me to finally announce the “Rev Sal Community Organizing 101 Film Series!”

I will be creating and posting movie-watching guides for films that just shout great community organizing in action!  The hope is that folks will use these films in their own organizing work.

The first one in the series will be a favorite film, “IRON-JAWED ANGELS” that every voting American woman should own!

Keep visiting the CHC Website for more information!


Bringing Birthday Wishes

March 22, 2011   Comments Off

Up and on the Megabus to Harrisburg before the sunrise! 

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) turns one this week, we created “ACA Birthday Bags” and are delivering them to our state and federally elected officials. 

We know some electeds will gladly receive the bags and others will probably bag the bags.  However, what they can not dismiss is the fact that the provisions included in the ACA and those already implemented are good for Pennsylvanians.

To help remind them of this fact, our ACA Birthday Bags include:

  • A birthday party horn with the tag, “A healthier America, don’t blow it!”
  • A piece of bubblegum with the tag, “Chew on this: 2.58 million Pennsylvanians are already benefiting from the ACA!”
  • A birthday party hat with the tag, “Celebrate!  You can no longer be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.”
  • A CHC-made foam donut with the tag, “The ACA Saves Seniors Dough by closing the Rx Donut Hole!”
  • Confetti with the tag, “It’s a party! Small businesses receive tax credits to help cover their workers.”
  • A birthday candle with the tag, “With the expansion of Medicaid millions more will have many more birthdays!”

We placed all these items in a brightly colored, cellophane birthday bag and will deliver them with a smile and an ACA affirmation!

Be sure to check the CHC website tomorrow for photos of the gift bags and the day of delivery!

We think it s a great way to celebrate the ACA by doing a delivery of a quality service……..


Yea, ACA!

March 22, 2011   2 Comments

You’ve heard the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Perhaps this is most true than in regard to the free preventive screenings and wellness visits made available to Medicare beneficiaries through the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Knowing that it’s both cost-effective and a component of good health to do preventive testing (mammograms, colonoscopies, flu shots, etc.) the ACA provides these services and an annual wellness visit to persons enrolled in Medicare. 

According to the recently released data from “Families USA,” in Pennsylvania 2.26 million persons have access to these services.

It’s a wise move to receive preventive screenings — one’s health depends upon it. 

It’s an even wiser move for our nation to support and continue moving forward in the implementation of the ACA — the health and well-being of our citizenry depends upon it.


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