Introducing Our Human Library

February 23, 2017   No Comments

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Nothing defeats fear like a face.

We’re starting a new library. It’s unique feature: the contents are “human books.”

The Human Library is comprised of “human books.” These are real people who are available to share their stories and create conversation at organizations, schools, human resource departments, community groups, and faith groups.

“Human books” will include people with various life experiences such as living with a disability, being a refugee, or experiencing homelessness.

Originally begun in Denmark, the Human Library has grown into a worldwide movement for social change.

The process creates a positive framework for conversation to reduce stigma and increase awareness and empathy as we listen and dialogue with individuals too often marginalized due to misunderstanding and bias.

CHC’s Human Library is available thanks to  the Staunton Foundation. We will be recruiting and training our human books and placing books in various venues around our region.

Join us for the Highmark Walk for Health!

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Walk with us!

Here’s a healthy, active way to support Consumer Health Coalition. Walk for us in the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community! This year’s event will take place on Saturday, May 13 at 9am at Stage AE.


Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Our sponsorship levels are described below. Simply complete our Sponsorship Form and mail it to: Consumer Health Coalition, 415 E Ohio St. Suite 300, Pittsburgh PA 15212.


Sponsorship Levels

Healthcare Hero – $1000 level sponsorship

  • Website banner ad in May on CHC homepage
  • Website link on Sponsorship Page and CHC website
  • Name listing on all promo materials
  • Special feature in our May newsletter
  • Signage at the event


Advocate Ally – $500 level sponsorship

  • Website link on Sponsorship Page and CHC website
  • Name listing on all promo materials
  • Special feature in our May newsletter
  • Signage at the event


Coverage Champion – $250 level sponsorship

  • Name listing on all promo materials
  • Listing in May newsletter
  • Signage at the event


Difference Maker – $100 level sponsorship

  • Listing in May newsletter
  • Signage at the event


Sign our Valentine for Senator Toomey!

February 9, 2017   No Comments

Health Care Valentine to Toomey


We need you to sign our Valentine!

Sally Jo Snyder, our Director of Advocacy, called forth her inner-poet and drafted a rhyming couplet Valentine for Senator Toomey.

We need you to get your colleagues, friends, family, everyone who cares about health care and is impacted by these policy decisions, to go to this link and sign our Valentine to Senator Toomey:

We plan to deliver these signed Valentines to Senator Toomey on Valentine’s Day this Tuesday, 14 February —- If you want to be part of the Valentine’s Day delivery, please contact Sally Jo at or 412.456.1877 x 203.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Do you know the ACA has been
good for you too?

1 million Pennsylvanians with coverage is grand!
A 34% decline in the un-insured –
Wow! What a plan!
Closing the donut-hole sure was sweet!
Insuring folks with pre-existing conditions,
Just can’t be beat!

The facts are evident and so very clear
So, listen to me, my representative dear;
Please stop this talk of repair or repeal
Unless you come up with a much better deal!

#SpeakOut4Health: Theresa Relied on Her Health Coverage to Heal

February 8, 2017   No Comments

#SpeakOut4Health - Tara Sherry-Torres


Theresa Jenks was working as an assistant teacher and at a nonprofit employment center when she stubbed her toe. Due to complications with diabetes, this led to a serious infection.

Part of her foot had to be amputated. This meant staying in the hospital for eight days, staying in a nursing facility for a month, and receiving in-home medical care for another month, then another month of follow-up treatments.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Theresa had health coverage that covered all of these services. She was able to heal without incurring large medical bills.

“I wouldn’t be here without health care,” Theresa said.

You can read more of Theresa’s story and some of the other people we’ve helped in this story from Trib Live.


Help us support people like Theresa who rely on access the health care.
Share her story and share your own story. Speak Out 4 Health!


Medicaid expansion repeal worries Pennsylvania patients

January 31, 2017   No Comments

The Trib Live shared the stories of two consumers we’ve helped together with getting coverage because of the Affordable Care Act. From the article:

“Consumer Health Coalition, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit, has helped people — including Whiting — enroll in Medicaid and individual insurance plans sold on the federal insurance marketplace at

Sally Jo Snyder, the organization’s director of advocacy and consumer engagement, said Whiting’s situation is common. Many people breathe a sigh of relief after signing up, Snyder said.

“It’s a huge exhale for them finally to be able to have coverage,” she said.”

Read the full article here:

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