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Visit the PA Enrollment Services website to find information about Medicaid and Healthy PA health insurance. There are tools that help understand plan options, networks, and coverage.

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Local nonprofits make final push as Feb. 15 deadline draws near

February 12, 2015   Comments Off

From Pittsburgh City Paper:

In this last push, Enroll America, which focuses on ACA outreach by serving as a referral agency for local nonprofits, will hold an enrollment event today at the Community College of Allegheny County’s Allegheny Campus, on Pittsburgh’s North Side, along with Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania, the Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania, and the Consumer Health Coalition.

“CCAC has been a great partner in helping us give a chance [to enroll] youth in Allegheny County; people on the North Side; folks who are able to travel here from the Hill District and people from the  West End who can just hop across the bridge. That’s why we’re holding this event here today,” Murphy says. The organization has held more than 50 outreach events at various locations around the county since November.

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Grassroots campaign helps consumers find health-care plans

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From Pittsburgh City Paper:

Rather than expand Pennsylvania’s existing Medicaid program, Gov. Corbett, a vocal opponent of the ACA, added another program, Healthy PA, on top of it. Though it grants coverage to 600,000 Pennsylvanians who weren’t eligible under the ACA last year, it also has new conditions. For example, people who qualify must search for work, and if they miss a payment, they are locked out of coverage.

“It’s helpful being around other navigators. We can help each other out with troubleshooting, especially right now with Healthy PA questions,” Kayla Berkey, a navigator with the Consumer Health Coalition, said in between helping people on weekday evening at the Carnegie Library in Oakland. “We can connect with other assisters to find out what’s not working so we can do advocacy to change it.”

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As deadline for health care enrollment nears, programs court certain demographics

December 17, 2014   Comments Off

From the Pittsburgh Tribune:

By the end of December last year, about 1.2 million people had enrolled in coverage on

Certified counselors at the Consumer Health Coalition and at the YWCA had packed schedules this week providing in-person sign-up assistance.

“Our team, we’re working long hours. We’re working weekends,” said Jason Snyder, the coalition’s executive director. “Volume has been high. The pace has been brisk.”

The group schedules appointments for help at its North Side office and at various enrollment events around the community.

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City Council Declares Nov. 19 ‘Healthy Together Day’

November 20, 2014   Comments Off

From WESA:

“In a state with such a rich health insurance plan for children, to know that there are kids out there who are not insured is really a shame and something that we can’t stand by and let continue,” said Executive Director of Consumer Health Coalition, Jason Snyder.

The Boyer Family, who worked with the Consumer Health Coalition to get their 2-year-old son Dawson enrolled in a health plan, highlighted the importance of health coverage for children. At one point the family forgot to re-enroll their son in a healthcare plan, and they were faced with a tough decision.

“We were like ‘Should we go to the hospital? Should we not?’ because of the money aspect of it and you should always worry about your kid’s health first and money second, and Healthy Together has allowed us to do that,” said Melanie Boyer.

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