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Human Library

Nothing defeats fear like a face.

The Human Library is an initiative for social change based on the power of a person’s story.

The project facilitates engagement between community members who are stereotyped or discriminated against with individuals and agencies who are ready to listen and engage thoughtfully. Through this dynamic sharing platform of experiences and dialogue, we will increase awareness and decrease stigma.

Why ‘Human Library?’

The Human Library works to reduce discrimination and isolation through personalization and humanization.

We believe people, like books, are rich sources of knowledge with the ability to change the lives of those who engage with them. Similar to the way a reader learns and grows through reading a book, folks listening to a community member’s life experience learn and grow.

With the Human Library, we organize events where people will share their life experiences with community groups. The name Human Library comes from a project started in Denmark that has grown tremendously as people invest in the power of people’s stories.

We need your help to call out prejudice and discrimination that harms our community. Instead, we can use our stories to call up the likenesses we share as complex humans with rich histories to share.

Do you want to share your story?

You have a story worth telling!

We are seeking people willing to tell their stories who have in some way been marginalized, stereotyped or discriminated against, including for their race, class, creed, dis/ability, immigration status, profession, gender identity, political beliefs.

We will provide a training on how to tell your story with impact. We offer a modest incentive. We are intentional about providing a safe(r) space for the stories to be shared, heard, honored, and discussed.

Do you want to hear a story?

We are seeking organizations, faith groups, community groups, businesses, government
agencies, schools, and universities to listen and engage. We can organize a Human Library event for your group, and you can choose what story to hear from our catalog of sharers.

Please contact our Human Library Organizer to be a part of the Human Library as a sharer or a listener, confronting fear and discrimination with the power of narrative and dialogue.

CHC’s Human Library is available thanks to the Staunton Farm Foundation.