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Photo Voice Projects

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Photo Voice is a grass-roots initiative often implemented by individuals and communities that are marginalized. Individuals create a photograph with an accompanying narrative to raise awareness and educate others about their perspective and the need for action and advocacy.

Beginning in 2009, Sally Jo has lead consumers and launched the following Photo Voice projects:

Living Together is an Art (2009)

Allegheny County. Participants captured images of barriers that they experience living with physical, behavioral, developmental and cross disabilities. This was shown for three months at the Pennsylvania state capital.

What I Need to Live Well (2012)

Westmoreland County. Features the photos and narratives of twelve photographers who are living with and in recovery from mental illness.

We Belong (2015)

Washington County. Features the photos and narratives of twelve photographers with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They captured images related to what they give to their community, what they like about their community, and what they changed about their community. Read more in this article from the Washington Observer-Reporter.

Bite Me (2016)

Photos displayed the hurdles and hopes of good oral health care and was featured at the Statewide PA Oral Health Care Coalition meeting.

Photos from these projects have been displayed at the State Capital in Harrisburg, Heinz History Center, in courthouses, college campuses, hospitals, libraries, centers of faith, and community centers. Thousands of people have viewed the photos and responded positively. Hundreds more students have learned from the experiences and stories captured in the photographs and narratives.

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Photos are available to be displayed at your event. They are a great way to create conversation and engage people in discussion. Contact Sally Jo Snyder.

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“There is a message that you are sending to people who use wheelchairs by having steps going into your store. This is a corporate mentality. It is the image they want to present to the public. Why can’t you have a classy image and also incorporate universal design?”

Photographer: Chris Mielo

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“Life is not a bowl of cherries when my budget does not afford me the ‘luxury’ of buying fresh fruit and vegetables.”


Photographer: Frank Ventrosco

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“When I photograph what I’m really doing is seeking answers to things.”    -Wynn Bullock