CHC Helpline

CHC Helpline

Consumer Health Coalition seeks to reach out to and assist at-risk individuals and families in navigating the health system and applying for public health insurance programs.  This includes people with low incomes, individuals with all types of disabilities, and people from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds.  Our services extend throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.  If you know someone who is uninsured and needs assistance  please have them call the CHC Helpline. Our staff is experienced and happy to help!  The phone number is 412-456-1877.  If you prefer, an appointment can be made for one-on-one in person assistance at our office.  All of our services are free! 

Helpline staff also assists families with renewing their health coverage, reaching their caseworkers to resolve issues, applying for free and low-cost pharmaceutical programs, and navigating patient assistance programs. 

Help is also available in Spanish!  The phone number is 412-456-1877 x205

Apply for Benefits or Renew Your Benefits Online Through COMPASS


100% Pledge Organizations

CHC works to connect at-risk individuals and families to health insurance and resources through the help of our community partners. This proven best practice is called our 100% Pledge Campaign. Community organizations simply ask their clients if they have health insurance coverage. If they are uninsured or underinsured, the organization simply refers the individual or family to CHC’s helpline for assistance via a simple paper fax referral form.  Referrals are contacted quickly, within two business days.  Staff is also available to host enrollment days at your site to provide one-on-one assistance, attends community outreach events to distribute information on our services, and is available

Pledge Organizations receive a free training with our staff to learn about health coverage options for the uninsured and to learn more about  CHC’s free helpline services.  Additionally, they receive a 100% Pledge Desk Reference.  The desk reference includes information on free and low-cost health centers; information on free preventive services (i.e. mammogram voucher programs); and information on public health insurance programs.   The desk reference also includes valuable phone numbers for County Assistance Offices, Medical Assistance and CHIP Providers, flyers, brochures, and referral forms. 

To become a 100% Pledge Partner, please contact Leslie Bachurski at 412-456-1877 x200.

Tracking Barriers to Health Care: Issues Affecting Individuals with Limited English Proficiency

This report identifies and documents barriers barriers to health care experienced by Limited English Proficiency consumers.

The evidence documented represents times when clients, or advocates working along with clients, faced clear barriers in client care, which triggered the need for assistance. In many cases, clients’ civil rights were violated (i.e. lack of informed consent and lack of interpretation services.) Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, all health care providers who receive federal funding must provide meaningful access to their programs for persons with limited English proficiency.

This report is meant to serve as a public education tool and for use in advocacy efforts to address and eliminate barriers and to promote positive change.

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