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I am Your Neighbor

“You cannot be responsible for your own family without being responsible for the society and the environment in which they live.”
~ Justin Dart, Disability Rights Leader

Healthy people make healthy communities. Together, let us create the community capacity for people with disabilities and cross-disabilities (physical, mental, sensory, developmental, cognitive, and other) and seniors to have the needed resources and supports to live full, independent, and self-sufficient lives.

People with disabilities and seniors are your neighbors and are vital, contributing members of your neighborhood. Home and community-based services are crucial because they allow us to thrive in the community and have an alternative to institutional care like nursing homes. As your neighbors, we need and seek:

  • An honest choice on where to live.
  • Opportunity and resources to fully participate in the foundations of community: education, work, leisure, the arts, worship, and play.
  • Opportunity to live full, productive and independent lives.

The neighbor movement is an initiative of the Consumer Health Coalition ( Through grassroots organizing, we advocate and act for:

  • Resources and support systems so persons can live in homes in the community of their choice instead of institutional settings.
  • Affordable, accessible, quality health care.
  • Sustained Medical Assistance funding.
  • Available, affordable, and accessible housing.
  • Reliable and sustained public transportation system.
  • Voting rights and participation in the legislative process.

Consumer Health Coalition and the Health Committee for People with Disabilities advocates for these 10 Factors that contribute to the health and wellness of people with disabilities and seniors:

  • Accessible and affordable physical, mental, and oral health care
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Personal hygiene and self-care
  • Access to assistive technology/specialized medical equipment
  • Quality, affordable, safe housing in a community of one’s choosing
  • Opportunity for work, education, and creative expression
  • A sense of belonging and participation in community
  • Skilled, reliable, and stable direct care workforce
  • Friendships and relationships
  • A spiritual life of one’s own choosing

For information and to join the neighbor movement and our shared work contact:

The Reverend Sally Jo Snyder
Community Organizer
Health Committee for People with Disabilities, Consumer Health Coalition
Email Sally Jo
(412) 456-1877 x203

“Community is all of us”