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Request a Speaker or Training

Consumer Health Coalition staff are experts on a wide range of topics, and we make educating and engaging the community a priority. Listed below are several training topics we provide. Please contact the staff member listed if you would like to request a training at a community organization, meeting, or event.

Anti-Stigma Storytelling

Human Library Stories

We organize and lead Human Library events for groups.  The Human Library is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and reduce stigma around behavioral health through dialogue. We are seeking organizations, faith groups, community groups, businesses, government agencies, schools, and universities to listen and engage with our story sharers. You can choose what sharer to listen and engage with from our catalog of sharers who will speak on a wide variety of life experiences. Contact our Human Library Organizer.

Health Education

Getting Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

We provide presentations about getting and/or using health insurance in a wide variety of settings. Topics covered could include the Affordable Care Act, Medical Assistance programs, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). We aim to increasing people’s understanding and use of health insurance. In-person enrollment assistance can be available as well. Contact Cassie Narkevic.


Breast & Cervical Cancer: Risks, Symptoms, Screenings

The presentation aims to increase understanding of risks, symptoms, screening guidelines, and, most importantly, resources for screening and treatment for breast and cervical cancer within the community. It overviews breast and cervical cancer, how each may affect individuals, and how people can act on the risk factors in their own life. We provide resources and assistance for individuals who struggle to afford care for accessing screening and treatment services. Contact Katie Holler.

Self Advocacy Training

Proactive Patient

Based on the successful “Being a Proactive Patient: A guide to person-centered care” guidebook. This workshop empowers consumers and their families to advocate for themselves in their healthcare. We have trained over 2,500 consumers and caregivers in  Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, and Westmoreland Counties! Contact Sally Jo Snyder.

Systemic Advocacy Training

Changing the Narrative   

Who tells you who you are? Too often people who are marginalized have their story told by others and told incorrectly. This workshop will teach people how to tell the power of their own story to reach the head, the heart, and the wallet. Contact Sally Jo Snyder.

Connecting the Dots

We live in community. This workshop will focus on systemic change that works to connect the dots with any issue to move from just me to all of us and the impact policy has on our shared society. Contact Sally Jo Snyder.

Bodies, Buttons, T-shirts, and Cocktalk Umbrellas

Learn how to structure, and stick to, a strong and clear message that can grow the campaign and move it forward. The workshop will also provide tips on creative marketing, how to do a leave-behind, and strategies to mobilize the campaign. Contact Sally Jo Snyder.

Mr. Smith Goes to Harrisburg

Learn how to put together a legislative visit that will get the attention of the elected official and build a relationship and foundation for on-going advocacy. The workshop will highlight the three key components of the team and cover how to structure the actual legislative visit from beginning to end to the important follow-up. Contact Sally Jo Snyder.