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Pittsburgh – Glasgow Project

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Consumer Health Coalition started a collaborative cross-cultural project connecting organizations from Pittsburgh and Glasgow, Scotland. The project brings the two cities together to address health inequity and help build a culture of health in Pittsburgh.

The goal of this project is to learn from Glasgow’s experience building a fairer, more equal society by effectively connecting resiliency and health to improve health equity.

Two Cities Working For Health Equity

Pittsburgh and Glasgow are uniquely linked in that both have experienced de-industrialization, population loss, land contamination and limited opportunities for employment and health. The project will focus on the four strategic pillars used by the 100 Resilient Cities program. These include: place-based solutions, economic growth, community empowerment, and civic participation.

The partnership between Pittsburgh and Glasgow is focusing on innovative ways to address health inequity in the work toward resilience. Key partners in this project include Visible Hands, the Allegheny County Health Department, Resilient Pittsburgh, and representatives from the Glasgow Center for Population Health. This project is made possible thanks to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Glasgow’s Health Innovation

Through the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Glasgow is pioneering an approach to health equity and resiliency in a post-Industrial landscape. We’re building on that initiative. Continuously improving the health and well-being of residents is a priority area of Pittsburgh’s resilience strategy. We aim to prioritize health equity best practices in “resilient thinking” to improve Pittsburgh’s culture of health. This kind of exchange between cities like Glasgow and Pittsburgh, given their similarities and unique approaches, is a smart way of advancing each other’s goals.

The project will include informal exchanges between the partners as well as visits by partners to both cities. The project will culminate with a presentation in Pittsburgh, seeking commitments to action around policies and interventions for improved health equity outcomes.

This collaboration creates a unique opportunity that aims to:

• Develop a framework for international learning between Glasgow and Pittsburgh.

• Foster consumer-led health equity work in Pittsburgh.

• Embed health equity as a priority in Pittsburgh’s resilience strategy.

• Create a narrative of the project and share best practices for combining health equity and city resilience.

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