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Specials thanks to our Highmark walk sponsors listed below.

Healthcare Hero

Advocate Ally

Coverage Champion

Program for Healthcare to Underserved Populations

United Way of Southwestern PA

Difference Maker

Office of Rep. Dan Frankel

East Liberty Presbyterian Church

Pittsburgh Business Group on Health

Makee Organizing Services

Thank you to our consumers and board members for their memberships and private donations.


Libby Powers

Lorraine Starsky

Peggy Hockswender

Tina Colabro

Tom Hollander

Cal Schuchman

Susan Nitzberg

Joyce Schlage

Peter Harvey

Joshua Seagall

Diane McClune

Thuy Bui

Donna Nativio – Dedication to PA Nurse Practioners

Barbara Murock

Kathy Purcell

Edward Carey

Dan Majewski

Susan Davis – Dedication to CHC Staff for their hard work

Shirley McIlvried

Keith Payne

Joshua Segall

Tyler Thornblade

Anjolli Potter

Regis Ryan

Georganne Lingenfelter

Patricia Documet

Rachel Kallem Whitman